General Rules And Regulations

  • Students are required to abide by the College rules and regulation that are framed by the Institution from time to time.
  • Regular attendance as well as punctuality is expected from the students in classroom, Clinical Posting and Community Posting etc.
  • Students are required to present themselves in neat and tidy uniform and should avoid exaggerated fashionable uniforms and should follow the dress code prescribed by the college.
  • Students are required to maintain personal as well as professional discipline and should not involve in any kind of direct or indirect disturbances including violation of rules & regulations framed there under.
  • A sense of decorum and discipline is expected from every student in the Institute, hostel and hospitals. Any damage or loss, knowingly or unknowingly done, of assets of the institution has to be compensated by the person found guilty. Ragging is strictly prohibited.anti-ragin
  • Any kind of negligence or deliberate act of loss to human or any crime done within the institution premises, which is unlawful as per the Indian Penal Code will be dealt according to the law of the land.
  • The above mentioned guidelines should be followed by the students with utmost prominence and any kind of breach of the rule will be dealt with the disciplinary action from the competent authority.

Hostel Regulations

Student shall strictly adhere to the rules and regulations, which may be laid down by the authority from time to time.

  • Students outing are allowed once a month for shopping purposes and time limit ends at 7.00pm on the same day.
  • Visitors are only allowed on Sunday between 12.00 pm to 5.00 pm.
  • In case of physical ailment students should inform the Tutor/Warden for further remedial action.
  • Relatives and friends are not allowed to meet the students during class time or duty hours.
  • Ragging in all forms are banned and treated as criminal offence. If found guilty the person guilty shall be suspended from the college.
  • Warden has the authority to check the rooms and cupboards at any time without prior notice or information.
  • Any type of intoxication is prohibited.
  • All students must be present at 7.00 pm for the roll call.
  • Only those Guardians are allowed to meet the ward whose name has been written in the form.

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